Who We Are

Currently we are a group of men and ladies from U.S, Canada, Malaysia and Indonesia with over 100 gold medals and climbing the leaderboard!  We like to trade, send away any townies who want more than one service for our neighbors to pick up, and help fill each others boat crates.

There is usually someone on around the clock, and if we need to contact each other for some serious derby business we use kik or Facebook messenger.

Some of us finish faster than others of course, but we all try to have our 10 tasks by Friday at the latest.


What we’re looking for…

You might be a good fit for our neighborhood if you:

  • -complete all 10 tasks at 320 points each
  • -speak English
  • -use basic manners like please and thank you
  • are self sufficient (we do like to trade and help each other tho)
  • -aim to finish the derby as early as possible
  • are active in your town
  • are at least level 75 (some exceptions)
  • use Kik or Facebook messenger

**Must not be afraid to use diamonds to rush boats if needed**

If this sounds like you, come join us for the next derby or kik: tuckerandsons  for more info

 Tag #V98CV8  Purple tools/yellow circle 


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